Second shoot

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I did second shoot for more high resolution image at same location.
I recorded FullHD size, 30fps, 2683frame.
but, one thing problem that when I try to get tracking point in syntheyes- It takes long analysis time. even more error tracking data than previous test. anyway- I want to make look like this.

Still I can't figure out a solution of world axis position problem and shadow.
I'm doing now rendering FullHD resolution output with alpha data. (It takes..over 10hour)
After than I'll composit to shadow and reflective image in After effects.

Camera tracking Test

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I shoot this in subway- located in transfer aisle between Hongik subway station and Airport station. I like the dark gray brick color, clean environment, auto dolly rail!

< Panorama Picture1_Subway003 >
< Panorama Picture2_Subway003 >

Model : Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5
Size : FullHD 1920*1280
Codec : H.264, AAC / AVDHD 60fps

Camera tracking with Syntheyes.
Export -> sequence image (Premiere or After effects)
Select export  mode -> LightWaveScene file format. (lws)

Import Camera tracking data into Cinema4D

< Visible tracked point in Cinema4D >

<Cube sticky on the floor>

It looks pretty well sticky on the floor, but it look not like perfect sticky on that.
I suppose to something wrong with camera axis setting or Syntheyes camera position.
I will figure out of a problem.

Tutorial :

Composit with Wind sculpture + Adjust

Wind Sculpture

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Studies of sculpture shape_01


Pas de Deux by Daniel wurtzel
Pas de Deux from daniel wurtzel on Vimeo.

Research of Fabric sculpture

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05. Pattern movement

I changed a bit source code from Zugakousaku's open code. Interactive via volume peak. It will be projection onto building skin.

04. Unity3D

03. FaceOSC to QuartzComposer

I made receive MIDIsignal from OSCulator to Quartzcomposer. It's pretty well implementation

02. FaceOSC with Osculator

FaceOSC : This is a software tool for prototyping face-based interaction.

Osculator : This is the missing link between your controllers and your music or video software.
                  It supports the OSC protocol which makes it able to be used with a wide variety of
                  software and devices.
Figure : Sensitive of Lighting
            More stable in dark background
            More stable to use HDwebcam

Task : How to connect with Quartzcomposer and Animata.
          How to control with sound using Ableton.
          What about 3Dmodel control.

01. Kinect to OSCeleton to Animata

OSCeleton : This is a proxy that sends skeleton information collected from the kinect
                   sensor via OSC, making it easier to use input from the device in any language.

Animata : This is an open source real-time animation software, designed to create
                 animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and
                 dance performances.
I'm still confused about how to signal send and receive.
but I infer that technically same way to implementation.


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I will start do based on my previous work a title of 'Glitch photocopier'
This is a bit unfinished work of interactive control.

SCANPLAY. 2008. Digital Image.

Interactive Media façade for User participation


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User particpation + Big scale

I researched interactive media fasade or big scale projection mapping for user participate.
It changed to big scale on physical surface from users small act.
As if they should be control to big building come from big scale experience.

PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE from 1024 on Vimeo.
An interactive architectural mapping. Fete des Lumieres / Lyon / France / 2010

02.Interactive mapping at the Goethe Institut Barcelona 

Interactive mapping at the Goethe Institut Barcelona from Sebastian Neitsch on Vimeo.

03.McDINALD'S Pick n Play 

This is digital signage advertisement. Users are control by there own smart phone.



FaceOSC from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.
From this software I can get facial point position data.